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Removal tips

Remove your wall decal safely to store and reuse with these important tips!

Follow these tips to ensure you are able to remove your wall decal with ease!


Before you remove your decal on the wall, if you are wanting to keep your decal for reuse, please ensure you have taken the following into consideration;

Decal Size

You may need more than one person due to the size of the decal or how fiddly it can be to get off the wall. Please note that your surface space you will have to work with (backing paper) is a lot smaller than your wall so having an extra pair of hands is recommended for larger wall decals.


The last thing you want is to be running around trying to find things to help when you are mid-removal, so make sure you have the following items ready to go;

  • Backing Paper (Baking paper is a good alternative for smaller decals if you have not kept your backing paper)
  • Tweezers
  • Hairdryer
  • Removal Buddy

Removing your wall decal

If your wall decal has been on your wall for a long period of time, or if your wall is very flat, the adhesive (although low tack) will have had time to bond to the wall quite effectively.

Prime your decal for removal

Slightly warming your decal by either rubbing it or using a hairdryer on a low/cool setting will assist with removal.

Removing your decal

With your backing paper ready to go;

  • Slowly lift up the edge of your decal. You can use tweezers to help lift your decal up before taking hold with your fingers.
  • Slowly peel your decal off the wall and place onto your backing paper
  • Ensure your decal is flat on the backing paper.
  • Limit the time the decals adhesive is exposed.

Other things to take into consideration

  • Whilst Decal Depot decals are removable, the reusability of each decal depends on the care taken to remove and reposition the decal.
  • To move your decal, it needs to be completely free of dust, transported on original backing paper and applied to a new clean surface (per installation instructions) without delay. Any adhesive exposure to the elements will affect the decals ability to stick. For this reason, we refer to the reusability in terms of being able to reposition on the same surface at the time of installation.
  • All statements, technical information, recommendations and/or instructions about our products are based upon tests on smooth walls and while our statements about our decals are believed to be reliable, they do NOT constitute a guarantee or warranty.
  • All products are sold with the understanding that the Customer has independently determined the suitability of each decal for their proposed wall location, after considering the size, humidity, texture of the wall, and/or cleanliness of the wall.

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