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Installation tips

Install your wall decal right the first time with these important tips!

We want to ensure you have no issues installing your decal on the wall. Before it arrives, please make sure you read through the following tips!

Product Installation Videos available at the bottom of this page


Before you install your decal on the wall, ensure you have taken the following into consideration;

Wall Choice

Choose a wall that is not likely to get overly hot. eg. Not in direct sunlight, not under an air-conditioning vent or above a stove top/oven.

Wall Prep

Ensure your chosen wall is clean, dry, and smooth. The more textured the wall, the less surface area your decal has to adhere to. Allow wall to completely dry by leaving for 24 hours before applying decal.

Other things to take into consideration

  • Ensure painted surfaces have undercoat plus two top coats.
  • Allow newly painted walls at least four weeks to cure before applying decal.
  • DO NOT use on bubbling paint.
  • Surface must be clean, dry and free from dust, oils and grease
  • Wall MUST NOT be textured ie. rough concrete, rendered or brick wall.




Installing your decal

Before you install your decal on the wall, ensure you have taken the following into consideration

Decal Placement

Do not remove backing until you have worked out placement of decals on wall. The longer the decal backing is exposed to air, the less effective the adhesive becomes.

Installation Rating

Please refer to the installation rating on your chosen decal. We have rated these based on our experience in installing these decals. You may need more than one person due to the size of the decal or how fiddly it can be to get onto the wall.

Decal Installation

  • Starting at top of decal, peel 10cm from the backing without touching the adhesive side. Stick this first 10cm to the wall.
  • Use a credit card or ruler to help firmly and smoothly stick the decal to the wall

Be sure to keep the backing so that if you remove the decal you can protect it by sticking it back on the backing paper.

Other things to take into consideration

  • Whilst Decal Depot decals are removable, the reusability of each decal will depend on the care taken to remove and reposition the decal.
  • For subsequent moves the decals need to be completely free of dust, transported on original backing paper and applied to a new clean surface (per instruction) without delay. Any adhesive exposure to the elements will affect the decals ability to stick. For this reason, we refer to the reusability in terms of being able to reposition on the same surface at the time of installation.
  • All statements, technical information, recommendations and/or instructions about our products are based upon tests on smooth walls and while our statements about our decals are believed to be reliable, they do NOT constitute a guarantee or warranty.
  • All products are sold with the understanding that the Customer has independently determined the suitability of each decal for their proposed wall location, after considering the size, humidity, texture of the wall, and/or cleanliness of the wall.


Product Installation Videos


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